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In today’s current business environment where many companies are gearing up to complete projects that were put on hold.  The question lies in will these needs be ongoing and sustainable.  Bringing in a temporary professional with the right skills is a cost effective low risk way of getting your projects complete.  Corporate Personnel & Associates, Inc. can locate, screen and support our consultants so you can focus on more important tasks therefore increasing your revenue and productivity.  .


When your business needs have outgrown your current staff and you are looking for that right person to add to your team, a Contract-For-Hire is a great way to preview a potential permanent employee.  You not only save precious time by only receiving thoroughly screened candidates, but you benefit from avoiding a lengthy interview processes that may still not uncover a candidate’s true ability.

Direct Placements

Whether you need to increase your permanent staff immediately, or you need to hire a professional in a managerial role with authority to make decisions about a group or team, Corporate Personnel & Associates, Inc. has excelled in the Direct Placement business for over two decades.

Corporate Personnel & Associates, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of staffing services including Direct Placements, contract, and contract-for-hire, to compliment your existing recruiting efforts.