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How we find you the best Talent


Business Analysis:  One of the most important keys to identifying the right person for your organization is understanding your organization.  We go to great lengths to know your business, your initiatives and your culture.


Needs Assessment:  Also important in our search process is discovering why you have a need for additional staff.  This helps us understand what responsibilities our candidates will have and what your expectations are. 


Technical Requirements: An obvious key to success is knowing what technical skills you are looking for in an individual and how much experience is required.   


Soft Skill Requirements: Many times, even more important that an individual’s technical ability, is their ability to interact with the rest of your team and other people within your organization.


Candidate Search: With over 90 years in combined recruiting experience, we have an extensive network of potential candidates.  In addition, we also employ the best internet recruiting tools available.


Candidate Screening: We pride ourselves on our extensive screening process.  A member of our staff meets with all candidates personally to determine their compatibility with your assignment and organization.  Technical references are also a part of our process.


Submitting only the best: We would not be of any service to you if we sent you a dozen resumes for one position.  Our thorough screening process and years of experience gives us the ability to submit to you the very best 2-3 candidates.  Time is money, and we want to live up to our goal to increase your revenue and productivity.


Consultant Support: Once you have agreed to accept one of our consultants for an assignment we go above and beyond the call of duty to support our consultants.  Happy consultants are productive consultants.  


Client Follow up: Not only do we support our consultants on their assignments, but we continue to seek your feedback, addressing concerns as they arise, and passing on kudos when deserved.  Your satisfaction is the key to our continued success and we value your input.

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